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Where do i get cool Music and sound effect?????...4 my Second Flash Movie

2009-12-15 21:06:42 by yoshi000

my second flash movie will be an Epic!!!..if there's a Sound on it......can somebody help me???....hello???.....anybody????

(P.S can somebody teach me how to use The Fancy Action Script for my very first flash game....??)
(P.S.S can somebody teach me how to make my flash movie to be even cooler beacuse i'm a Noob(amateur)....)


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2009-12-15 21:09:07

yoshi000 responds:

err...why goggle??


2010-03-27 17:28:56 dude. Sike!

You're hilarious.

don't you know about the music uploaded on NG?

for sound effects.

for sound effects try

or go google, and type in "free sound effects" yo

yoshi000 responds:

Butt...The Musics in NG Audio Portal is Minimum 4 min duration..
my Movie is just 2 min u know...